Sometimes I like to draw comics. These are in English, but I also draw comics in Tibetan too (Some of those are for sale to benefit Tibetan charities). You can see more recent drawing on my blog.

Linocut Variations 2014

Linocut Variations (2014)

Variations done with linocut print and brush & ink in Providence, RI during the winter.

8 Scenes of Worry

Eight Scenes of Worry (2011)

A series of drawings about worry (and one of relief!) done during a stay in Kathmandu, Nepal on handmade paper.

A Short Fable About Loss

A Short Fable About Loss (2007)

A little fable drawn in Lhasa. Done in the style of a children's story, it's about the love between two balloons.

Who You Are

Who You Are (2007)

A short comic soliloquy that I drew in Lhasa shortly before moving back to America.

Shuriken Jive : Nic & the Ninja

Shuriken Jive : Nic & the Ninja (2006)

Insane from studying Sanskrit in the heat of a New Mexico summer these comics chronicle real conversations with an imaginary ninja.

What Am I Doing Here?

What Am I Doing Here? (2005)

A short, incomplete comic soliloquy drawn while feeling lost after moving to Lhasa.

Out of Print

Out of Print (2004-2005)

A series following Ray as he tries to cope with the realities of working at a record store.

Books: Love/Hate

Books: Love/Hate (2004)

Drawings done on leftover photocopies while working nights at the Tanner Philosophy Library at the University of Michigan.