The Online English-Tibetan Dictionary

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This dictionary has merged with I've learned a lot running the dictionary for the past five years, and am very glad to have been able to help people who are learning Tibetan. But, individual projects can only progress so far and Khata is an important resource for a number of reasons.

First, it is a collaborative effort run by a team that is predominantly young and Tibetan. Too many of the online resources have been run by people, like myself, who are outsiders in the Tibetan community. Khata is a resource that the Tibetan community can truly call its own.

Second, as a crowd-sourced dictionary, it allows everyone to help make the dictionary more informative and more complete. There are many exciting things to come there and I'll be directing my efforts to help making them happen.

So please check it out! If we all help, we can make a resource that is both great and truly our own!

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