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Darkness & Silence (2021)

Sometimes daylight savings hits and you dread the darkness, but other times it feels refreshing. Same with talking to people I guess. 

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Two Seagulls Drifting (2021)

Just two seagulls on a log talking about life. 

Scenes from a History of Philosophy Fever Dream (2021)

At higher doses history changes not just how you feel about the past but the present and future too. It's a point of view that feels absurd, scary, hilarious, and awe-inspiring all at once. 

This comic tries to get at this point of view and how it makes current philosophy feel (see @ShitPhilosophrs) and imagines a future history of philosophy that takes the work of @EuripidesNuts as the central text.

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On Migraines

with Simone Weil & Psyduck (2021)

I've suffered from migraines my whole life. One thing I always liked about Simone Weil (a 20th-century French philosopher) and Psyduck (a water-type Pokémon) is how they helped me see headaches as a source of power and not just pain. 

Here Simone and Psyduck discuss headaches and how to make the best of them. They both speak mostly in actual quotations. 

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Tibetan Comics

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