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Now and then I record music. It's mostly instrumental and I play all the instruments except for the violin which is done by Michael Connolly or Brendan Held. Most of it was released on the 12rec netlabel and later on blocSonic.


All of it is free to use and distribute for non-commercial purposes under a Creative Commons license. You can also find it at whatever music service you use: 

[] | [Amazon] | [Spotify] | [Apple Music] | [Tidal] | [Youtube Music]

A Quiet Age


Released: March 10, 2015 on blocSonic

Violin by Brendan Held and Michael Connolly

Mastered by Michael Connolly at Empty Sea Studios

Artwork by Benjamin Wright

Harp Fragments


Released: 2009 as 12rec #58
Artwork by eshihorishisurishi TSURU

Violin & harp by Michael Connolly

Mastered by Sven Swift


taciturn_cover copy.jpg

Released: January 28, 2007 as 12rec #37
Artwork by iambored, photo by Peter Holy

Violin by Brendan Held

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